Sweet Peas

Our Sweet Peas are grown in specialised grow tubes. These are tubular pots made from a paper-like material. These pots are bio-degradeable and the roots pass freely through the sides. The tubes will safely break down in the soil, so the peas can be planted in their tubes, reducing the effect of root damage when planting out. It is reccomended that the tubes be soaked before planting and that the pot be completly burried, so that even the top edge does not show above the soil surface.

When our Sweet Pea plants reach their 3rd or 4th leaf, we pinch the tips out to encourage them to produce bushy, multi-stemmed growth. This also helps them to produce a greater quantity of flowers over the season... so long as they are picked regularly!

The exact list of varieties we grow changes a little each year, but we always ensure a variety of colours and all varities are highly scented and suitable for cutting

We try to keep our Sweet Peas available for sale from February until June, depending on the growing season and demand on the different varieties.
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