About Us

Wallace Plants first moved to Laughton, East Sussex, on 7th December 1998, but we were established in 1996 and we are a small, family business, with at times 3 generations of the family on the nursery. All the plants are grown on the nursery, by us.

Since we arrived here the nursery has expanded ("grown" even!), and in this industry there is always more growing to do.

We grow a range of ornamental herbaceous, shrubs, perennials & ornamental grasses, both hardy and tender. We are constantly changing exactly what we grow as we introduce new varieties we have recently discovered and also re-introduce older ones we have decided to start growing again; we love to grow plants and are always trying some thing new, often just for the fun of it! If there is something specific you are searching for, please contact us, either by e-mail, phone, writing or visiting us, we are open 7 days a week from 10am till 6pm March - October and 10am till 4pm October - March.
Click Here to visit our contacts page for details; Our address is also at the bottom of this page.

In recent years we have also been growing is a range of soft fruit bushes, including a selection of red, white and black currants, raspberries - both summer and autumn fruiting - and gooseberries.

One of our most popular ranges is our large selection of vegetable starter plants and this also changes through the seasons, as different vegetables are planted at different times. Helping you to cut/pick fresh veg straight from your garden practically the whole year. A list of types and availability can be found here. Again, if you don't see what it is you are looking for, please contact us.

We are continually increasing our varieties and trying to get hold of those rare and unusual plants for the enthusiasts among our customers, and not to mention increasing our own beloved collections. This means that there is always something new, weird and/or wonderful being grown on the nursery.

Popular every year is our selection of Sweet Peas, which we have for many years been growing in purpose-made Sweet Pea grow tubes to help encourage good root development. And yes, all our varieties of Sweet Pea are long stemmed to be suitable for cutting and well scented! Click Here for more information.

For many years now we have been raising ducks for the production of eggs and have also been rearing them for sale for those who wish to experience the joys of keeping ducks themselves, whether for egg production or just to see them fossick around the garden! Click here for more information.

Unfortunately, we can not offer a mail order service, We do, however, have plant stalls at several Farmer's Markets locally. Simply Click Here for further details, we would be happy to bring plants to these events for you to collect.

We accept payments by either cash or credit/debit card (for transaction of £10 or over). All major cards accepted

Happy growing!

Wallace Plants
Lewes Road Nursery
Lewes Road (B2124)
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